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The World Reimagined


With its initial inception in 2019, The World Reimagined is a pioneering educational project to transform our understanding of the Transatlantic Slave Trade through the multiple perspectives of the diaspora in the English language. We were commissioned in the second phase of the project to develop and design a new website full of innovation combining a bespoke system with a comprehensive e-learning platform that would engage users.

In keeping with the core principles behind The World Reimagined, our team of digital specialists evolved the previous infrastructure integrating a brand new unique user login system, cutting edge HTML5 interface with animation, enhanced mobile design, innovative artist management system, engaging e-learning platform, social media avenues for awareness campaigns, digital marketing solutions, and performance optimisation including brand support, cyber security solutions, and cross device compatibility testing.

Our Solution:

  • User Login System.
  • E-Learning Platform Development.
  • HTML5 Video Animation Intro Page.
  • Bespoke Artist Management system.
  • Bespoke page templates.
  • Enhanced Mobile designs.
  • Cross device compatibility testing.
  • Performance optimisation.
  • Branding Support.
  • Integration of social media.
  • Mobile Design.


  • Animations effects and icon creation.
  • Bespoke functionality tailored precisely to the clients requirements.
  • Optimised and secured infrastructure.


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