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Delve into the world of art scholarship with the Khalili Collections Online Bookstore. With over one hundred and twenty meticulously curated publications, each work of art within the Khalili Collections has been conserved, researched, and catalogued as part of one of the most ambitious art scholarship projects in modern history. Professor Sir Nasser D. Khalili personally edits each volume, collaborating with leading experts to provide readers with unparalleled insights into the world of art. All proceeds from book purchases directly support the charitable endeavours of the Khalili Foundation.


The primary objective of this project was to create a modern online shop that offers an immersive and user-friendly experience for visitors to purchase books from the Khalili Collections. Leveraging the latest advancements in e-commerce technology, the website aimed to streamline the purchasing process while optimising for SEO to ensure maximum visibility and reach.


  • Modern Online Shop: The Khalili Collections Online Bookstore features a modern and sleek design, providing visitors with an immersive shopping experience.
  • Comprehensive E-commerce Integration: Seamlessly integrated e-commerce capabilities allow visitors to browse and purchase books from various collections within the Khalili Collections with ease.
  • Direct Charitable Impact: All proceeds generated from book purchases directly benefit the charitable endeavours of the Khalili Foundation, contributing to important initiatives in art scholarship and conservation.


In conclusion, the Khalili Collections Online Bookstore project has successfully achieved its objectives of creating a modern and user-friendly platform for purchasing books from the Khalili Collections. With its seamless e-commerce integration and direct charitable impact, the website not only provides visitors with access to valuable resources but also supports the ongoing efforts of the Khalili Foundation in advancing art scholarship and conservation.



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