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The Art of Peace


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Sir David Khalili, a visionary art collector, and philanthropist. In 1967, armed with just $750 from the royalties of his book “The Art of Peace,” Sir David embarked on a remarkable odyssey. Over five decades, he meticulously curated eight of the world’s most exceptional art collections, earning global acclaim and admiration, including praise from Queen Elizabeth II herself. Now, in “The Art of Peace,” Sir David shares the riveting tale of his journey, offering insights into his collecting strategy, ethical business practices, and the transformative power of art in fostering global unity and peace.


Our primary objective was to develop a modern WordPress website that serves as a comprehensive platform to showcase Sir David Khalili’s extraordinary journey and his seminal work, “The Art of Peace.” The website aimed to provide visitors with an immersive experience while optimising for SEO to ensure maximum visibility.


  • Modern Landing Page: The website features a modern landing page that captivates visitors with Sir David Khalili’s compelling narrative and the essence of “The Art of Peace.”
  • Promotion of “The Art of Peace” Book: A dedicated section highlights Sir David Khalili’s latest book, offering visitors a glimpse into the transformative power of art in fostering peace and unity.
  • SEO Optimisation: Through strategic SEO techniques, the website enhances discoverability, ensuring that Sir David Khalili’s story reaches a global audience.
  • Streamlined Communication: A new contact form facilitates seamless communication, allowing visitors to engage with Sir David Khalili and his team effortlessly.
  • Cutting-Edge Design: The website boasts a cutting-edge design that reflects Sir David Khalili’s vision and ethos, creating an engaging user experience.
  • Hosting Infrastructure: The project successfully migrated to a new hosting infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and scalability for future growth.

A visually breathtaking website for our times, receiving thousands of visitors each month, maximising Daryl’s profile exposure and providing an online archive of his material.


In conclusion, the website design and development project for Sir David Khalili’s “The Art of Peace” has achieved its objectives of creating a modern, immersive platform to showcase his remarkable journey and scholarly contributions. Through captivating design, strategic SEO optimisation, and streamlined communication channels, the website empowers Sir David Khalili to share his message of peace and unity with the world.



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