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Sir David Khalili


Sir David Khalili, a renowned art collector and philanthropist, embarked on a remarkable journey of discovery and enlightenment. Born out of humble beginnings in 1967, he rose to become one of the world’s most celebrated collectors, amassing eight extraordinary art collections that span the globe. His passion for art, coupled with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, has not only enriched his life but has also inspired countless others. Now, for the first time, Sir David shares his extraordinary story, delving into his collecting strategy, business ethics, and the profound impact of art on fostering peace and unity worldwide.


The primary objective of this project was to design and develop a modern website that serves as a comprehensive platform to showcase Sir David Khalili’s remarkable journey, his renowned art collections, and his various initiatives promoting peace and unity through art and education. The website aimed to provide a captivating user experience while optimising for SEO to ensure maximum visibility and reach. Additionally, the promotion of Sir David’s latest book, “The Art of Peace,” and the exploration of his diverse projects such as the Khalili Collection, Khalili Publications, Interfaith Explorers, and the Maimonides Interfaith Initiative were integral aspects of the website development.


  • Captivating Design: The website now features a modern and captivating design that reflects Sir David Khalili’s passion for art and his commitment to promoting peace and unity.
  • Biography Section: A detailed biography section has been included, chronicling Sir David Khalili’s extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the world’s greatest collectors.
  • Promotion of “The Art of Peace”: A dedicated section promotes Sir David’s latest book, “The Art of Peace,” providing visitors with insights into the profound connection between art and fostering peace worldwide.
  • Khalili Collection Showcase: Visitors can explore the exquisite Khalili Collection through a dedicated showcase, featuring highlights from each of the eight art collections assembled by Sir David Khalili.
  • Nasser David Khalili: Information about Nasser David Khalili, Sir David’s son and a prominent figure in the art world, is featured prominently, showcasing his contributions to the family’s legacy of art collection and philanthropy.
  • Khalili Publications: A section dedicated to Khalili Publications showcases the various books and publications authored or sponsored by Sir David Khalili, furthering knowledge and appreciation of art and culture.
  • Interfaith Explorers and Maimonides Interfaith Initiative: Visitors can learn about Sir David Khalili’s initiatives promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding through projects such as Interfaith Explorers and the Maimonides Interfaith Initiative.


In conclusion, the website design and development project for Sir David Khalili’s online platform have successfully achieved its objectives of creating a modern, captivating, and informative hub for art enthusiasts, scholars, and peace advocates alike. Through comprehensive sections dedicated to Sir David’s biography, his latest book promotion, the Khalili Collection, Khalili Publications, and his various initiatives promoting peace and interfaith dialogue, the website offers a rich and engaging experience for visitors. By leveraging SEO optimization techniques, the website ensures maximum visibility and reach, furthering Sir David Khalili’s mission of using art as a catalyst for peace and unity worldwide.



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