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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a rapidly expanding sector with many variables. Consolidating all online marketing across multiple platforms while keeping the brand identity harmonious is crucial to public perception. We are able to identify suitable demographics by using advanced crowd sourcing techniques, the results of which are then subjected to an exhaustive analysis. Armed with this information we can then build a campaign which has clear objectives.

Organic Social Media Marketing

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Social Media

Specialising in organic social media marketing ensures the worth of the generated following so as not to just accumulate fans or likes. By using purpose driven crowdsourcing and constructing a strong online brand identity we can then position it across targeted digital circles and mobilize the following towards a targeted outcome (purchasing, event attendance, etc.).

Best Practice Campaigns

For each campaign the parameters of the target demographics are defined in close collaboration with the client. Each campaign is custom built around each client’s specific needs, making full use of all social sites available and using the most appropriate for each client. Once isolated we use best practice to reach the greatest available crowd.


» Technical Social Media
» Creating Engaging Digital Assets
» Best Practice Marketing Campaigns
» Bespoke Digital Strategy
» Creative Viral Solutions

Email Marketing

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e-Marketing, Maliers & Newsletters

The relevance of Email Marketing innovations should be a monthly activity, making a plan for the most commercially impactful marketing techniques is even more important. Capturing business leads at an organic level truly builds towards successful methods of engagement and distribution of official online content. Email conversion rates ‘to purchase’ or ‘to promotion’ is considered to be one of the most valuable forms of Digital Marketing. Reviewing demographic analytics obtained from the email campaign and cross referencing them with social and search engine platform statistics reveals business insights like never before. Here at Nocturnal Cloud we are working on initiatives for inboxes of future.


» Optimisation
» Arts Direction
» Digital Marketing Consultancy
» Digital Asset Management
» Digital Strategy
» Content Distribution
» Digital PR

Content Strategy

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Content Creation

Digital Assets are the core essence of any online marketing campaign, they facilitate trusted information that run through social media platforms and official websites. Our Design and Development team accompanied by our Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialists can provide 24/7 management and distribution of all Digital Assets created, building an integral framework that continuously represents the true brand and message. It provides real-time information audiences engagement and conversion to purchase which is fundamental to all businesses.


» All Device Type Banner Designs
» All Post Type Designs
» Video Assets Creation
» Mobile Asset Creation
» Online Vide, Animated Gif’s, Jpg’s, PNG’s
» eCommerce Asset Creation
» Optimised & Lightweight

Advanced Analytics

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Analysis & Reporting

The data collected from all aspects of each campaign is then extrapolated and used in the most effective way to further that campaign. Knowledge is power.


» Advanced Tracking
» Bespoke Reporting
» Digitial Marketing
» Social Media Narrative
» Google Analytics
» Facebook & Twitter Insights
» Digital Asset Tracking
» Online Sales Reporting


The Khalili Collections

How to Guides & Documentation

Our workshops are custom designed to facilitate a smooth transition during the changeover of control from us to the client. We create step by step guides for each project and walk through these with clients. Topics covered include lessons in SEO, future-proofing/optimising website design and development, Photoshop tutorials, and basic HTML tutorials. We also offer various internship schemes.


» Tutorials
» Walk-throughs
» PDF How To Guides

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