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The Khalili Collections


Professor Sir Nasser D. Khalili’s remarkable journey over five decades has culminated in the assembly of eight of the world’s most exceptional art collections. Known collectively as The Khalili Collections, these assemblages are unparalleled in both scope and scale, boasting some 35,000 exquisite works. Each piece, now a part of a globally recognised initiative, has been the subject of extensive conservation, research, and publication efforts, making The Khalili Collections a beacon of art scholarship and preservation.


In an era where digital presence is quintessential, our mandate was to transcend traditional boundaries and create a digital platform that mirrors the grandeur and educational value of The Khalili Collections. With a vision to encapsulate the essence of these collections online, we embarked on a project to design and develop a bespoke website, incorporating state-of-the-art features like an Interactive 3D Virtual Gallery and a Spinning Exhibitions Globe. This initiative aimed not only to enhance global accessibility but also to provide an immersive learning experience for art enthusiasts and scholars alike.


  • Interactive 3D Virtual Gallery: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as WebGL and Three.js, we crafted an interactive experience allowing visitors to navigate a virtual representation of The Khalili Collections, adorned with detailed scholarly annotations.
  • Spinning Exhibitions Globe: Through advanced JavaScript libraries, this interactive globe was developed to offer users the ability to explore the rich history of the collections’ exhibitions worldwide, fostering a deeper connection with the art on display.
  • Photography for New Book Publications: The project also entailed conducting high-resolution photography for new book publications, ensuring that the artistry of each piece is captured with utmost fidelity.
  • SEO Optimisation: Key to our strategy was the integration of SEO best practices to ensure the website ranks prominently in search engine results, thereby increasing visibility and accessibility.


  • Global Engagement and Accessibility: The website has successfully bridged geographical barriers, inviting a global audience to explore The Khalili Collections from anywhere in the world.
  • Educational Enrichment: The platform serves as a comprehensive educational resource, enriching users’ knowledge and appreciation of art history through interactive and engaging digital experiences.
  • Recognition of Excellence: The project’s innovation and excellence were acknowledged with an Honours Award for Best Design and Development at Awwwards, a testament to our commitment to setting new standards in digital art presentation.


This project exemplifies how digital innovation can transform the presentation and appreciation of art, setting a new benchmark for museums and collections worldwide. The Khalili Collections’ website is not just a digital platform but a portal to a world of art, culture, and education, promising to inspire and educate future generations. Our dedication to merging technology with art has not only enhanced the digital footprint of The Khalili Collections but also paved the way for future advancements in the presentation of cultural heritage online.



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