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IN2 Film


IN.2 stands as an emerging entertainment company based in the United Kingdom. It draws its inspiration from original film scripts, literary works, and theatrical productions to create compelling film, stage, and television productions. IN.2’s primary mission is to harmonise European sensibilities with American accessibility.

Founded in 2021 by the esteemed Johnny Depp, IN.2 inherits a wealth of artistic talent and maintains a robust network of relationships with writers, directors, producers, show-runners, and actors. These connections, coupled with a contemporary understanding of the rapidly evolving media landscape, position IN.2 as a formidable force in the entertainment industry. Together, they are committed to nurturing a genuinely independent voice for artists.

Nocturnal Cloud is proud to be recognised as the official IT and digital partner for IN2 Film.


The primary objective of this project was to leverage the latest advancements in design technology to create a bespoke website that reflects IN.2’s unique blend of European and American creative influences. The website underwent comprehensive design and development to align with the company’s vision.

Furthermore, the project involved addressing and rectifying numerous issues inherited from the old IT infrastructure and providing a comprehensive range of email management services. For instance, we’ve securely set up new email inboxes in preparation of the upcoming film production titled “Modi.” We’ve also seamlessly integrated video rendering capabilities to elevate the presentation of IN.2’s portfolio, featuring a Filmography page highlighting their impressive body of work.

The website also features a new contact form with filtering options for streamlined communication. A dedicated news platform keeps visitors informed about IN.2’s latest developments and projects. SEO optimisation ensures that the website is easily discoverable, and subtle animations add a touch of interactivity. The project also encompassed the migration to a new hosting infrastructure in preparation for PHP 8.2.


  1. Cutting-Edge Design: The website now boasts a cutting-edge design that captures IN.2’s fusion of European sensibility and American accessibility.
  2. Comprehensive E-commerce: E-commerce capabilities coming soon have been comprehensively integrated to facilitate various aspects of the entertainment business.
  3. Issue Resolution: Numerous issues inherited from the old IT infrastructure have been resolved and upgraded.
  4. Email Management: Email management services have been provided, including the creation of new email addresses for the upcoming film “Modi.”
  5. Enhanced Video Presentation: Video rendering enhances the presentation of IN.2’s impressive Filmography page.
  6. Streamlined Communication: A new contact form with filtering options streamlines communication with IN.2.
  7. Dedicated News Platform: A dedicated news platform keeps visitors informed about the latest developments and projects.
  8. SEO Optimisation: The website is optimized for search engines, enhancing its discoverability.
  9. Subtle Animation: Subtle animations add a touch of interactivity to the website.
  10. Hosting Infrastructure: The project successfully migrated to a new hosting infrastructure, prepared for PHP 8.2.


In conclusion, the IN.2 Entertainment project has succeeded in capturing the essence of European sensibility and American accessibility. The website’s cutting-edge design, comprehensive e-commerce features, and issue resolution have elevated IN.2’s online presence. Email management services, enhanced video presentation, and streamlined communication enrich the user experience. A dedicated news platform keeps visitors informed, while SEO optimisation ensures discoverability. Subtle animations provide interactivity, and the migration to a new hosting infrastructure positions IN.2 for future advancements. Nocturnal Cloud remains committed to offering unwavering support, empowering IN.2 in its journey to foster an independent voice for artists.



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