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Philipp Humm


Formerly a titan of business in his role in charge of operations for Vodafone, Philipp Humm turned his talents to the art world straddling the realms of classical painting and pop art. He contacted our team to develop a state-of-the-art website and a social media setup covering both his role as an artist and as a businessman. Having consistently delivered work of the highest quality, we are now Mr. Humm’s exclusive digital partners.

Our Solution:

We created a from-stratch self-manageable minimalist website to highlight Mr. Humm’s works with a fully bespoke back-end management system and advanced animation designs for a user experience of immersion and an original approach to showcasing the artwork.

Website Features:

  • Built in news management system for the latest on exhibitions and shows.
  • Compatible on mobiles and tablets.
  • Easy to use content management system allowing editorial access from any location, including from mobile devices.
  • Use of advanced optimisation tools for search engine prominence.
  • Advanced image dimension framing for a high quality online rendition of the artwork.
  • Filterable dynamic page listings.
  • Full integration of all social media platforms.
  • Our metadata and keyword searches making it easy to browse through the website and allow the user to find what they need with a simple search.
  • Social Media Management


The elegance of its user-friendly interface showcases Philipp Humm’s collection in an engaging and stunning way. Combining the launch of the website with a successful social media campaign resulted in maximum reach of Philipp Humm’s work to art enthusiasts.



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