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The Fence


The Fence’ is a renowned quarterly print magazine with its roots in Soho, focusing on life in the UK and Ireland. The publication boasts a unique blend of investigative journalism, short stories, and cultural essays, all infused with humor and playfulness. The magazine has garnered praise from notable figures such as Graydon Carter, Marina O’Loughlin, and Ben Schott. ‘The Fence’ recently underwent a transformative redesign, thanks to the expertise of Interconnect and is now powered by Standfirst, a fully hosted platform that simplifies digital publishing.


The primary objective of this project was to assume control over the magazine’s existing digital platform, rectify numerous technical issues, and provide ongoing design and development support. The project entailed a significant investment of resources to learn and navigate an older platform. Additionally, the goal was to expand ‘The Fence’s’ online presence by creating new web pages, introducing e-commerce features for merchandise and subscriptions, and outlining a comprehensive scope of work for the magazine’s revamped website.


  1. Technical Overhaul: We successfully addressed and resolved a multitude of technical issues that had been troubling the website.
  2. Learning Curve: Our team dedicated substantial time and effort to familiarise themselves with the older platform to ensure a seamless transition and ongoing support.
  3. Expanded Content: We created numerous new web pages, enriching the digital experience for ‘The Fence’ readers.
  4. E-Commerce Integration: We introduced e-commerce features, allowing readers to purchase merchandise and subscribe to the magazine directly through the website.
  5. Subscription Signups: We implemented the magazine’s first-ever subscription sign-up system, streamlining the process for loyal readers.
  6. Merchandise Options: New merchandise options were introduced, giving readers a chance to connect with ‘The Fence’ in a tangible way.
  7. Comprehensive Scope: We provided ‘The Fence’ with a detailed scope of work, outlining the roadmap for their new website and ensuring clarity in project goals.


In conclusion, the revitalisation of ‘The Fence’ magazine’s digital presence has been a resounding success. We successfully navigated the challenges of an older platform, resolving technical issues, and providing ongoing support. The expansion of content, introduction of e-commerce capabilities, and streamlined subscription sign-up process have enhanced the reader experience. ‘The Fence’ now stands as a modern, accessible, and engaging digital publication, further solidifying its position as a leading voice in the UK and Ireland’s cultural landscape.



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