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In response to the zeitgeist of equal opportunity ignited by social events depicting institutional racism, the No Turning back initiative was established with the mandate of bringing a fifth of all marketing and communication professionals in the UK to originate from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities, and for this twenty percent to stay in the industry until this underrepresented demographic reaches the very top jobs. Working as their digital partners, we were tasked with creating a web presence that would convey the corporate social responsibility charter in a friendly user approach that would encourage worldwide recognition.

Our solution was to create an online portal that was intuitive with a streamlined UX, easy-to-use content management system, optimisation strategies to enhance SEO performance, backup infrastructure, Google Analytics monitoring, hosting support, IT support, and integration of social media avenues for digital marketing.

Our Solution:

  • NEW Jobs Zone
  • NEW companies user login system
  • NEW Job Alerts system
  • Intuitive and streamlined UX.
  • Easy to use content management system.
  • IT Support
  • Hosting Support
  • With a particular focus on performance (fast loading time).
  • Google Analytics monitoring.
  • Compatible on all devices.
  • Optimisation strategies deployed to enhance search engine performance. 
  • Integration of social media. 


  • Light weight high performing website design and development.
  • Advanced IT and hosting support.
  • Backup infrastructure.


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