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On a picturesque day in the heart of the Big Apple, a courageous New York police detective held his young daughter’s hand as they strolled into the MET Gallery. Under the spell of wonder, they ventured to a specific painting that held a special place in the detective’s heart. The little girl stood before the artwork, trying to decipher its enduring narrative, a bit beyond her years. Then, a moment of revelation. She recognised a similar image hanging at home, cherished by her father. With a glow of happiness, she looked up at him and said, “Daddy, you always protect what you love.”

This heartfelt experience inspired a visionary strategy – one that decentralises high-end art ownership through crypto-based financial frameworks. It also incorporates an exceptional curation and exposure strategy to maintain and enhance market share value. This revolutionary approach allows members of the public to own a fractional share of priceless paintings. They can treasure their investment or explore the opportunity to sell their portion, taking pride in the artwork’s future. Supported by leading curators and producers, this project offers a chance for art enthusiasts and hard-working individuals to participate in high-end art ownership like never before.


The primary objective of this project was to design and developed a web3  website, that incorporates the latest advancements in design technologies. Additionally, we built assets from scratch, establish a Web3-based decentralisation strategy, and ensure seamless translation options for users across different countries. Other goals included implementing member login functionality, integrating social media and auto-posting features, setting up a news platform, optimising the website for SEO, utilising advanced 3D animation, and expediting the design and development process. We also migrated the project to a new hosting infrastructure, preparing it for PHP 8.2.


  1. Asset Creation: We developed assets from scratch to enhance the project’s unique visual identity.
  2. Web3 Decentralisation: The project adopted a Web3-based strategy, redefining high-end art ownership.
  3. Global Reach: We ensured seamless translation options for users worldwide, making the platform accessible to a diverse audience.
  4. Member Login Functionality: Users can now create accounts and access member-specific features.
  5. Social Media Integration: We integrated social media capabilities, allowing for easy sharing and engagement.
  6. News Platform: A dedicated news section provides users with updates and insights into the art world.
  7. SEO Optimisation: The website underwent meticulous optimisation for search engines, improving its discoverability.
  8. Advanced 3D Animation: Cutting-edge 3D animations were incorporated to enrich the website’s visual experience.
  9. Rapid Development: We expedited the design and development process, ensuring a prompt relaunch with updated features.
  10. Hosting Infrastructure: The project was migrated to a new hosting infrastructure, enhancing performance and future readiness for PHP 8.2.


In conclusion, the project to decentralise high-end art ownership through crypto frameworks has delivered exceptional results. The website, now in its third version, embodies cutting-edge design and functionality. It offers users a seamless experience, including member login, social media integration, and advanced 3D animations. The project’s global reach is enhanced by translation options, while SEO optimisation ensures visibility. The migration to a new hosting infrastructure positions the project for future success. We remain committed to providing ongoing support and assistance, ensuring that this pioneering venture continues to redefine art ownership and empower art enthusiasts worldwide.



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