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Sons Of Kemet


Sons of Kemet are a revolutionary British jazz group signed to Naim Records. Naim approached us to help them with the creation of an optimised and easy-to-use content management system website crafted for the music industry. Coming from the music industry, we at Nocturnal Cloud have worked with over 400 high profile independent and major music companies and have chiselled away for many years to identify the best practice development and design process. We fundamentally applied all of this knowledge for the creation of the new Sons Of Kemet website.


Our creation exceeded all exceptions. With dynamic events management and custom built sliders that cater for cross platform compatibility with an ultimate focus on gigs promotion and merchandise.


With powerful social media optimisation and tools applied, this website offers users with a delightful experiece. Effectively designed to aid the users journey. Now with a front cover magazine feel the homepage can be used to feature to latest gig, events news and music promotion.


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