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Theatre Royal Haymarket


In 2014, the Theatre Royal Haymarket was home to a theatrical adaptation of Fatal Attraction. After a somewhat disastrous marketing campaign upon the play’s opening, we were sourced to rejuvenate the project via organic digital marketing. With £30,000 of the budget spent on Google advertising but with no web presence, the subsequent budget was minimal. As a result, we suggested developing a dynamic marketing website to work side-by-side with a social media campaign.


An organic digital presence (via a website and SNS) that aimed to drive traffic to the official ticketing source at This was to be measurable by the websites analytical data and SNS reach/interaction, all of which featured CTAs directing users to the site. The two key measures of success we hoped to see was increased traffic to The Royal Haymarket site and a concentration of interaction from within London.


  • 7283 Sessions and 2,677 Unique Users from within London on the website
  • A Twitter Hashtag reach of 3,152,874 (#FatalAttraction) with the main url shared being in 54% Original Tweets and 35% ReTweets, all within London
  • On Facebook, a post reach of 13,200 with 672 Engagements and 841
  • High conversion of Post-Clicks

Link (No Longer Active)

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