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Petersham Road


Petersham Road and Templo were looking for a ‘state of the art’ website with a bespoke design that stood out beyond any current website. They wanted advanced features both in design and development. A unique framing was requested with the ability to be responsive in nature to adapt to different screen sizes.


Our creation exceeded all expectations. With dynamic ‘past shows’ management and custom built sliders that cater for cross platform compatibility with an ultimate focus the presentation of the individual past shows. With multiple different page themes and easy page and shows management.


In terms of the rebranding digital presence and and the development of a unique CMS driven website, we achieved interesting high level of interaction figures. With 5,600 unique impressions and 5,001 unique users across Petersham Road’s website with a few days of launch. The website is fully optimised to be especially lightweight for ‘on the go use’ and organic digital marketing. With social media platforms correlating in the design developing brand continuity throughout the world wide web.


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