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Philipp Rudolf Humm


Philipp Rudolf Humm, businessman turned professional painter, asked us to develop a state of the art website that initially caters for two social media identities for one individual. Philipp Humm requested to create a new website for Rudolf Humm with accompanying social media platforms.


We at Nocturnal Cloud managed to create a easy-to-use self-manageable concrete5 website with a built in news management system. The website is fully mobile responsive as well as having dynamic page listings with full screen video and image playback capabilities. The website now has full search engine optimisation with functioning website metadata and keyword searches allowing specific pages to be found with ease.


The results show attention to detail makes for an elegant and user friendly interface which showcases Rudolf Humm’s collections in a dynamic and impactful way with our full screen image and video playback capabilities. Combining the launch of the website with a successful social media campaign resulted in maximum awareness to the website and Rudolf Humm. Our metadata and keyword searches make it easy to browse through the website allowing the user to find what they need in a simple search.


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