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Daryl Goodrich


Daryl Goodrich is our wonderful sports and documentary filmmaker. The primary objective was to build a website that can sustain the development changes of the future and manage an array of high quality film content, hosted on Vimeo. With advanced security measure due to the sensitive nature of some of the content not the site. To apply clean fresh designs, putting major emphasis on the spacing and border lines.


Utilising Concrete5 to create an easy-to-manage website, fully integrated with Vimeo, social media platforms and mobile friendly playback and over all design of the website was key to its success.


The creation of a new logo with a website, the website is now fully optimised for mobile compatibility and video playback performance. With over 2000 unique impressions a month, and high profile exposure, this website will withstand the changes of the future.


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Telephone: +44 333 303 4737 (London, United Kingdom)


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