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Play Attention


Play Attention is an independent artist who wanted to showcase their artwork, prints, t-shirts, customised vintage clothing, and figurines online. They hired us to design and develop a website that reflects their brand and is user-friendly for potential customers.


Our goal was to create an ecommerce website that showcases the artist’s unique products, enables visitors to browse and purchase products easily, and establishes an emotional connection with potential customers.


To achieve these goals, we:

  • Designed a modern, responsive website with high-quality product photos and an intuitive layout.
  • Developed a customised content management system that makes it easy for the client to manage products, orders, and customer information.
  • Created an interactive product catalogue that allows visitors to zoom in on images, see product details, and customise products.
  • Integrated the website with an ecommerce platform to enable customers to make purchases and track their orders.
  • Optimised the website for mobile devices.
  • Integrated SEO and social media to reach a broader audience and increase brand visibility.
  • Ensured the website reflected the client’s brand identity and unique story, establishing an emotional connection with potential customers.


The Play Attention website has been performing well since its launch. Our solutions have resulted in:

  • Improved user experience due to the intuitive layout and user-friendly interface.
  • Increased sales due to seamless ecommerce integration and interactive product catalogue.
  • Improved brand visibility due to the integration of SEO and social media.
  • Positive customer feedback on the website’s modern design, interactive features, and high-quality product photos.


In conclusion, the Play Attention ecommerce website design project was a success, resulting in a user-friendly platform that showcases the independent artist’s unique artwork and products. The website has been optimised for performance and security, with seamless ecommerce integration, an interactive product catalogue, mobile-friendly design, and branding and storytelling features. It has helped increase sales, improve brand visibility, and establish an emotional connection with potential customers.


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