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Global Shrink Entertainment


Working closely with wonderful award winning writer/director Jo Becket, we designed a bespoke animation sequence inspired by the “thats all folks” mixed with “fractions of the mind” to showcase her extensive portfolio and many talents.

Our Solution:

  • HTML5 Video Animation Intro Page.
  • Bespoke Artist Management system.
  • Bespoke page templates
  • Enhanced Mobile designs.
  • Cross device compatibility testing.
  • Performance optimisation.
  • Brochure print designs.
  • Branding Support.
  • Integration of social media. 


  • Highly stylised mysterious website design.
  • Highly stylised animations effects and icon creation.
  • Bespoke functionality tailored precisely to the clients requirements.
  • Optimised and secured infrastructure.


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Telephone: +44 333 303 4737 (London, United Kingdom)

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