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Mike Simpson DOP


Oscar nominated Mike has directed some of the most beautiful motion pictures over the last 15 years and has also captured a comprehensive portfolio of photography. We had to match the years of dedication to art to design a portfolio website worthy of his work.

Our Mission

Paying the utmost attention to detail, our page layouts carefully adapt to cater for multi-device compatibility and containing all images within the main viewing areas of the screen, ensuring the images are never cropped. Complimenting his photography through the use of billiant white spaces and frames evenly throughout the website.

Now armed with a brand new self-managed digital portfolio, all copyrighted multimedia assets can be archived efficiently and presently elegantly for end user to enjoy hours of content.

Website Curation

  • Dynamic full screen video on homepage
  • State of the art grid layout used for work page
  • Responsive swipe gallery for photography pages
  • Simple user-friendly website
  • Intuitive content management system allowing editorial access from any location, including from mobile devices.
  • Compatible on mobiles and tablets.
  • Website hosted and served on our fully managed High Performance Dedicated Servers.
  • Use of advanced optimisation tools for search engine prominence.


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Telephone: +44 333 303 4737 (London, United Kingdom)

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