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Maarya Stylist


Maarya is a freelance fashion stylist and consultant based in London and around Hampshire. Her mission on her journey is to empower women to achieve the best that they can. She has a zeal for the holistic lifestyle, including practicing yoga and meditation. Our mission was to match her vision by designing and developing an easy to use, highly stylised professional portfolio website.

Our Solution

  • Intuitive and streamlined UX.
  • Bespoke CMS.
  • Ad-hoc image optimisation.
  • Google Analytics tracking.
  • Compatible on all devices.
  • Marking Optimisation.
  • Integration of social media. 


  • High performance website design and functionality.
  • HTML5 Animations and icons weaved in to the design.


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Telephone: +44 333 303 4737 (London, United Kingdom)

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