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Josh Thomas


Josh Thomas has played an integral role as one of the most influential young filmmakers in London today. The influence of film-making courses through his blood with most of his friends and family in the film and music business, Josh Thomas has created an array of popular content over the years and our objective is to portray his work in a captivating way.


The bespoke design we used is optimised for video and image handling, along with the website being mobile friendly the very easy to use content management system makes it easy for updates to be made to the work page. The work is displayed in a vivid and organised way for ease of access.


Our objective was the create a future-proof and mobile friendly portfolio website to house his work. We installed a Tumblr interface which takes the user directly to the Tumblr page of Josh Thomas. With 5,000 unique views in the 1st month the page generates a fair amount of traffic.


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