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Gallery No. 15


Gallery No 15 is a unique platform showcasing work by some of London’s finest talent, telling the stories of the artists themselves and the processes that go into creating each piece. Having accompanied Gallery no.15 since its inception, Nocturnal Cloud was in a privileged position to deliver a preeminent website as an online counterpart to Gallery No 15’s city space.

Our Solutions

  • Intuitive portfolio content management system.
  • Advanced image dimension framing to provide an online gallery-like presentation of the artwork.
  • Full integration of all social media platforms and a blog & news platform to keep visitors abreast of the latest exhibitions.
  • Compatibility on mobiles and tablets, reflecting current user trends.
  • Use of leading-edge optimisation tools for search engine prominence.
  • Easy to use content management system allowing editorial access from any location, including from mobile devices.
  • Social Media Management.


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