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As an event planner moving into public events for the first time, our client came to us with the task of promoting and selling tickets for her event on Halloween. Having had no experience in marketing a public event before, our client was keen for us to propose a strategy that would engage an audience and guarantee an ROI. With so much competition around Halloween and tickets to the event being as expensive as they were (starting at £50), we faced a difficult challenge in convincing people to to choose Belladonna’s over any other events on the night.


All 500 tickets for Belladonna’s were sold out at least 2 weeks before the event and 14 tables at £500 each. What was particularly rewarding for us as a company was that the only channel for promotion was social media and thus we could directly correlate ROI and conversion with our campaign. Our data showed that we had pitched the video invitation at the right tone for our audience, with the average duration being XXX and over 100% of users viewing the video.


The evening itself was sold as a fantastical mansion, inhabited by the Grand Dame, Miss Belladonna, whom had decided to opened her mansion for the first time in 1000 years to the public on Halloween. With the vision around the event so clear, we set about creating a world around the event on social media and in particular Facebook. After creating the event, fictional accounts supported by admins were set-up in the name of the various characters inhabiting Belladonna’s mansion and started to engage with one another and those invited to the event. Not only did this drive timeline penetration but kept content on the event page fresh.

With engagement being stimulated on the site we set about selling tickets and wanted our audience to feel like they had been specially selected to attend the event and that the product was worth it’s value without giving away too much. With what little budget we had we decided to create an online invitation in the form of a microsite and video. The correlation between consumers watching a product video and subsequently converting is well known and we used this to our advantage.

The video featured our fictitious charecters from the Facebook group and gave users some background on the world of the event. Once invited to the group, users were sent a unique link to this video invitation at which point we could measure conversions and take payment.

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